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Bob Bohannon

About The Artist

At an early age my family discovered I had a natural ability for playing musical instruments: keyboards, drums, xylophones and others.


My parents and older brother made it possible for me to participate in various development programs and performing groups. I found marching bands of great interest and for several years – from 8 on into my late teens – I became a fixture in drum corps competitions around the country as a drummer and instructor. Highlights were performances in the New Orleans Superdome, Dallas Astrodome and New England’s Foxboro Stadium.

During this time I also “found” art. I could draw - and draw most anything. I did this for years as a personal expression for family, friends and myself. When I moved from the Boston area to Virginia Beach I discovered my love for the ocean, its life and habitat. I started sketching what I saw at the beach and in my research in books and online. These became drawings and paintings that I kept in my storage unit. I created them for the learning experience.

Eight years ago I developed an interest in carving – first with smaller pieces, then larger ones, then tikis. I realized if I could sketch something, I could carve it – and I could pretty much sketch anything. Initially I finished each one in the wood’s natural grain and color. Seven years ago I decided to bring color into my carvings, gradually creating “fused” colors – with my “water-fusing” and “torch-painting” techniques – that have become a unique look for my pieces. I then decided to reach out to the art community by participating in a small arts and crafts show at the Virginia Beach Museum of Contemporary Art. I wanted to have a face-to-face encounter with those attending to get their reaction to my work. The response was encouraging.

In addition to my shows I’ve been fortunate to develop the custom side of my business with unique, 1-of-a-kind carvings: any design, any size, in any wood species, incorporating the customer’s colors. This adds to my motivation to continually refine and explore new directions in my world of art.        

Bob Bohannon, Artist/Carver

Doing What I Love to Do

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